Friday, February 20, 2009

Mum In London

My mom is here!!!!!  Talk about surreal to come downstairs at the Centre this morning and see MY MOM at the bottom of the stairs!  I’m the luckiest girl!  Well my mom the trooper came laden with gifts for us all, filling up an entire bag other than her personal suitcase just for us.  Despite the fact that she had just flown half way across the world we hit the ground running.  Today was one of my most jam-packed days here, but what do you expect when Chari comes to town?!

We first went to Covent Gardens where I showed her the 7 Dials.  We even stopped at the Volcom store just for you Amanda.  We made sure to stop in every antique bookstore along Charing Cross Road too.

We then went to lunch at a pub in Soho as requested by Mom.  We got a meat pie and toad in the hole out of our systems so we don’t have to get them ever again.

Next stop: one of my favorites, Trafalgar Square.

From there we went to the Wallace Collection.  This is a house filled to the brim with the Wallace Family’s collection of old masters including Rembrant, Reubens, and Van Dyck.  Oh and The Swing, one of my favorite paintings!

Finally we walked from Piccadilly through both Green and Hyde Park, up to High Street Kensington until we pooped out and took the Tube home.

We got pad thai at an amazing restaurant called Tuk Tuk and picked up a Nutella waffle on our way home.  AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS.  But then again, what isn’t good covered in Nutella?

A great end to a great day.  Can’t wait for tomorrow!


Logan said...

sounds so freaking fun i should sell a lung or something so i can come visit!

Dasha said...

Oh Steffer I am so jealous of your lovely adventures. I have tons of Mr. Felt flashbacks when reading your posts. Oh, and has Smash told you that she had a full-on breakdown in Trafalgar Square? Twas the pigeons that did her in. Plus my mom's obsessive need to take pictures.

Lauren Rice said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Did you know she was coming or was it a surprise??