Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Excuse Me, Where's the Hovercraft?"

On Monday we didn't have class so McKenzie, McKell, Alexa and I decided to go on a day trip of our own to the Isle of Wight, an island on the very southern tip of England.  It was so much fun!

We took a two hour train ride to Portsmouth and then took a HOVERCRAFT to the island.  So there we were, getting of the train asking people where the hovercraft port was.  Sci Fi convention anyone?  It was such a giggle and we loved every minute of it!
Once on the island we hoped on a bus and rode around the island.  It had a total beach-town vibe which was so refreshing coming from the city.  We took off our shoes and walked along the beach in our short sleeved shirts.
Afterwards we went to one of the most beautiful churches I've ever been to on the top of a hill in a town called Godshill.
It was one of the best days I've had here and it was so fun to go with McKell, Mckenzie, and Alexa.  

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