Monday, December 15, 2008

This Fall

This past semester has been my favorite so far in college, hands down!  I've loved almost every minute of it.  I have had so much fun with DG, my classes have actually been interesting, and I've gotten in quite a bit of skiing!

Well here are some of my favorite parts (in no particular order):

- Marathon math nights with Jane and Paul.  
- Caitlin running and tripping over the Rockband chord while we were playing, flying headfirst across the room.
- Getting an awesome Little Sis!
- Rooming with Brecken & Missy and all of our strange sleeping patterns.  Here's just one example:
So one night I woke up around 4 in the morning to hear someone in my room having a true coughing fit.  All of a sudden I hear in a gasping voice, "I neeeed waterrrr."  So I grab one of my bottles and throw it over to Brecken.  Right as I threw it I realized it was Missy coughing. Brecken: "WHAT WAS THAT?!"  Me: "It's for Missy... sorry gosh," and I roll over and fall back asleep.  While I'm drifting off I hear Breck telling Missy: "You know what you need- some sugar free cough drops." (So your teeth don't rot) Something only Brecken would say. I loved living with these guys- best room in the house!
- Gossip Girl in the basement of the Deeg and having to pause it because we are all screaming so loud and fighting over who's hotter, Nate or Chuck.  (Lauren: "I will sell my body to Chuck!")
- Jane working on upping her numbers.
- Harry Potter foursquare at the Sig.  Moaning Myrtle was the lowest square and you had to moan every time you got the ball.
- Taking the boat out by myself!
- Papa with the Club House Crew
-Tape beards with Annie and Mash because we are just that cool.

- The longest week of my life all starting with my car getting stolen, three midterms, one paper, Halloween, and planning formal.  It was a long week.
- Lauren and I losing our minds in the Deeg living room- "eee a-oooyeddd eeryoneeee!!!!"
- Utah football games.  Especially the TCU game and the BYU game.

- The post-partdum soccer league.
- Snowbird with Jake, Masha and Rich.  A good end to a bad day.
- Endless hours of RockBand with Mash.
- Jim & Pam.  Notice the Keds.
- Visiting Erin at U of A: the Feej and the Deeg, Oxygen Tank, poop popsicles, Ya Ya and other fun stuff. 
- DG's at the Drive-In: of course it rained. 
- Lauren's middle part and flannel pajamas.
- Sig Techno Party. Tall t's and doo rags... that's what's up!
- Ski class with Masha.
- "Take it with a grain of salt, uh huh, yeah."
- Fleece Navidad!
- The DGs pulling of Casino Night essentially the day of and having it be a huge success!
- Winning Songfest two years in a row! 

- Masha's surprise 20th birthday party.
- Leaves in the chapter room
- An awesome night of musical chairs and blind sunglasses

- Grilling hot diggity dogs with Breck for Rush

- Bid Day

- Late night chats with Brecken talking about important things.
- The OC with Amanda and all of the drama that we make fun of.
- Doing anything and everything with Mash-  all of the awesome adventures of Mammy & Fannie.
Quite the hefty post, especially to start off a new blog but it has just been such an awesome semester.  Now on to London and to all of the fun adventures to be had there!