Wednesday, February 4, 2009

19 is, like, nothing

Today on our weekly day trip we went to the White Cliffs of Dover!  We went on a tour of the intricate secret wartime tunnel network used mostly during World War II and I loved it!  World War II is one of my favorite times in history and Dover was key in one of my favorite parts of the war, the Evacuation of Dunkirk (thanks to Mr. Felt, my high school history teacher).
Here's the story of the evacuation: Well, in May, 1940 the Allied forces were in a hasty retreat from the German Army and soon found themselves stranded on the French coastline, just 20 miles away from Dover.  Vice Admiral Bertrand Russell called for Operation Dynamo and ordered an evacuation to save the men stranded on the beaches of Dunkirk, France.  Not only navy ships, but civilians as well went back and forth across the channel and saved over 338,000 men.  Pretty cool, huh.
Afterwards we were left to explore Dover Castle.
Then onto Canterbury (like The Tales) where we went to Canterbury Cathedral which was one of my favorites cathedrals I've been to so far.

Here's one of the Cathedral's many claims of fame: In 1170 Thomas Becket was praying in the Canterbury Cathedral when four knights indirectly sent by King Henry II to kill him (it's complicated) started having an argument with him.  Apparently it got heated and Becket was 'accidentally' killed on the floor of the Cathedral.  Ana and I elaborately acted the scene out.  

The thing about being here in Britain is that things are really old.  And when I say really old I mean REALLY OLD.  I mean, this Cathedral started in 1070. 1070!!!!  I can't even wrap my head around that.  I've only been around 19 years. That is no time at all really when I'm walking around a building that has been around for over 900 years.  Blows my mind...

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