Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun With Mum

It was so much fun to hang out with MY MOM this weekend!  I loved every minute of it and I was so glad she could come over.  She even walked me into blisters so you know it was a good trip.  Here's a pic of the crew on the Millenium Bridge with St Paul's in the distance.  (Wasn't it nice of my mom to bring the good weather with her too?)
We all went to our favorite Borough Market where we sampled delicious food all afternoon.

Giraffe later that night.  Best Mexican food in London.
Big Ben at night.  This was right after we got yelled at by guards at St James for trespassing, no big deal.
On Monday my mom and I went on a day trip outside of London and the weirdest thing happened- they all liked us so much they named the town after us.
I had an absolute blast with you Mom and I'm so glad you came over!

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chari said...

What a fabulous trip with you Steph and your darling friends!!! I love my "I Love London" shirt and still thinking about all the yummy treats we tried all along the way. I'll never forget hearing you run down those stairs that morning I arrived at the centre we were both so excited to be together. much love, mom