Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Series of Fairly Embarrassing Pictures

From the past week:

Chinatown, doing as the Asians do.Graffiti, doing as the white posers do.Natural History Museum, doing as the whales do.

I found my new London Love: COVENT GARDENS.  We shall definitely be returning.  And not just because of the delicious cupcakes pictured below.  

But they are definitely a factor.
Here is a terribly embarrassing picture of Ana, Molly, and I enjoying said delicious cupcakes. 
After Covent Gardens we went to Evensong at Westminster Abby.  This was not only my second time to Westminster this week (actually twice in two days), it was also my second Evensong this week.  In one week I've been to more Catholic Church than most Catholics go to in a year.


Logan said...

Hahahaha it looks like your having so much fun! i am very jealous! love the london blog i havnt been a very avid blogger as of late but i do check your all the time! oh yeah and bring me home a cup cake!

Lauren Rice said...

Haha thats hilarious about you going to more Catholic church than most go to in a year. Those cupcakes look sooo yummy!! But my fav. pic is for sure the graffiti one. Love it. Miss you!!!

Aubree said...

Stepphhh looks like your having a blastttt your pictures are sooo legit!!! i love looking at your blog haha my inspiration love you girl!!! i want to visit,ps i want a cupcakeee