Sunday, January 11, 2009

It Only Cost a Few Galleons

They finally let me in!
Hogwarts here I come!


Sophie said...

Cheers Steph!

If I were in London, I would definitely see Verdi's Rigoletto in February at the Royal Opera House.

I would also try to get tickets for Billy Elliot at the Victoria Palace Theatre, and I would check out the Picasso exhibit at the National Gallery. We also enjoyed taking the train out to Hampton Court.

Since you are right there in London, you might also want to see Twelfth Night with Derek Jacobi as Malvolio at Wyndhams Theatre. If you're still there in May, the same theatre is staging Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet starring JUDE LAW!!!!

Did I mention my favorite veg restaurant? It's a TINY, order-at-the-counter place called VitaOrganic in Soho at 74 Wardour St.

Is Doris Salcedo's 550-foot long crack installation still in the floor of the Turbine Hall?

Lauren Rice said...

So legit. I seriously took like 20 pictures with this when I went to London haha. I love it!!!! HP for Life!!