Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Beginning

Today was my first real day in London!  I'm so completely stoked to be here!!!!

Today I woke up and my roommate (well one of thirteen) 
Molly and I explored Hyde Park, and just kept walking until we ended up at Harrods!  Let's just say it was a while before we walked out.

Our only real purchase today was some delicious macaroons from Ladurees in Harrods.  We took them back to the park where we ate them on a bench,

looking at this:

Peter Pan in Hyde Park
Later this afternoon we walked along Portabello road, but don't worry Dad, no purchases yet.

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Steph & Masha said...

London is looking splendid! I wish I could be there with you eating macaroons and strolling down portabello road