Thursday, March 5, 2009

Setting My Watch

Need to know exactly what time it is?  I gotcha covered thanks to our day trip to Greenwich yesterday.  What's up Prime Meridian!
Yeah, I stood in two hemispheres at once... no big deal.  Spot the Sperries.

At Greenwich we got after it and went to the Royal Observatory, the Queen's House, Old Royal Naval College, and the National Maritime Museum.  Haven't forgotten the DGs though!

Last night Ana and I went and got standing tickets for Twelfth Night which was amazing!  We were a little nervous when we found out we would be standing in the very back of the very top tier but we loved it!  One of my favorites so far!

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charimoreton said...

What time is it again? glad you got into 12th Night!!! Nanny & Granddaddy say hi and love your blog ... cab