Friday, March 27, 2009

Highlights from Up North

Last week we went on a 5 day trip through Northern England!  Here are some highlights:

Probably my favorite part of the trip was the drive through the countryside.  It was so beautiful.  This picture below is one example. In case you were wondering, we DID NOT plan to match.  It just happens when you live together I suppose...
Just kidding it was St Patrick's Day and these were authentic Irish sweatshirts so we had to wear them.

Another favorite was Fountains Abbey.  A huge abandoned abbey, ordered to be dismantled by Henry VIII when he created the Church of England.  It reminded me a lot of Stourhead which I loved so I liked Fountains Abbey too.
Hadrian's Wall
and more awesome countryside.
The Lake District. Oh. My. Gosh. This was the view from our hostel.  AMAZING!  The Lake District was easily the best part of the trip.
Best Crew Out!
And do you notice what was in the marina??? Is that a MASTERCRAFT X2???  Yeah my mind was blown.
On the way back to London we stopped in Preston.  This is where the first LDS missionaries came to Britain.  We spent the day touring Church sites and finished it off at the Preston Temple.  Cool day.
Moral of the story: I will find my way back up north one day because I loved it so much.  I only wish that x2 had been in the water because I would have convinced the owner to take me wakeboarding.  No matter what.

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