Monday, March 16, 2009


We had the weekend off so a group of us headed off to Dublin in time for 
Well Tuesday is the actual St Patrick's Day but in Ireland, home of St Patrick himself, it's a weeklong celebration!

FRIDAY we took a tour through the Irish countryside to Wicklow.

SATURDAY we explored Dublin.  Some highlights: The Spike, I mean Spire in the middle of City Centre.
The Famine Statues. Yeah, they were real.
Trinity College

There was an awesome carnival going on that we went to twice.  Second time around we met Al Roker.  Talk about random.  

SUNDAY McKenzie, McKell, Alexa and I went out to a coastal town called Howth. We were all in the St Patrick's Day spirit and needless to say we stuck out. 
Howth was beautiful and we ate lunch with our feet over the harbor and seals catching our crumbs.  
All in all a great trip and I loved Dublin.  Today London welcomed me back though with sunshine and 60 degree weather.  I LOVE LONDON! Oh and props once again to McKell for the awesome pics.

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Elena said...

I love your adventures!!! And the digestives crackers I recently found in our pantry. Thanks!!!